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Toro Sprinklers


Toro T5 Sprinklers

The stainless steel riser and nozzle base of the T5 RapidSet®

Stainless Steel rotor not only add strength, but help protect the rotor from damage and excessive wear due to vandalism or sandy soil conditions. Sandy soils areabrasive and can cause scoring of a plastic riser,  which over time can lead to leaks at the wiper seal or an inability for the riser to fully retract. In settings that see heavy foot traffic parks, common areas, and greenways the stainless steel riser can help reduce  the occurrence of damage and make for fewer replacements over time.  n addition, the T5 RapidSet Stainless Steel rotor features the patented-pending "NO TOOLS" RapidSet adjustment feature, a 5" pop-up height, and exclusive Airfoil Technology nozzles.





Toro 300 Series

4.6-9.2m Radius Toro Multi-stream rotors are well known for their visually appealing,multi-stream distribution of water. For medium-to-large lawn and shrub areas, in residential and light commercial applications.

The Key features are:

  • Multiple rotating stream pattern allows water to soak into tight soils and slopes reducing risk of runoff
  • True matched precipitation rate nozzles and arc discs
  • Choice of six nozzles and nine interchangeable arc discs
  • Planetary, water-lubricated, gear-drivedesign for longer-life
  • Large basket filter screen
  • Durable engineering plastic andstainless-steel construction








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