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Are your gardens ready for summer? Why not install a Rain Bird Irrigation System?

Posted by Peter Morath on 11 November 2014
Are your gardens ready for summer? Why not install a Rain Bird Irrigation System?

Rain Bird has been a respected industry leader in residential irrigation The company philosophy is The Intelligent Use of Water. This philosophy has been helping customers maximize irrigation performance while the same time being responsible with water use.

Rain Bird ESP-RZX series sprinkler timers offer a variety of user-friendly designs and features, giving you the selection you need for the perfect sprinkler system. Rain Bird sprinkler system timers are available in designs for both residential and commercial applications, and include great water-saving programming features, such as customizable plant watering schedules.

Rain Bird 3504PC and 5004PC rotors are feature-packed and convenient; ready to take on the everyday requirements of residential and light commercial sprinkler systems. The versatility of the Rain Bird 3504PC and 5004PC rotary sprinkler is second to none.

There are other types of lawn sprinkler systems. But for homeowners who want a sprinkler system that is well-built, reliable and relatively affordable, Rainbird sprinkler systems represent one of the better systems helping customers to water their lawn the right way.

At the end of the day, you'll be able sleep at night knowing that your system will function well, water your gardens and lawns the way you would like it watered. Come down to our Hillcrest shop and see one of our irrigation experts who can help you either design or re-design your irrigation system.

Rain Bird irrigation system     Rain Bird irrigation system    Rain Bird irrigation system

Author:Peter Morath
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