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Clean Water- How Important is it?

Posted by Peter Morath on 10 May 2017
Clean Water- How Important is it?

Maintaining the quality of the water in your water tank is always a challenge.

Unfortunately overtime sludge and bacteria builds up on the bottom of your tank creating a layer of sludge -  a breeding ground for harmful bacteria including E.coli, Giardia and Salmonella!

Total Water Services has a new product in store - TankVac® is a self-cleaning system for your water tank.

When a standard water tank overflows, the excess water drains from the top of the tank. Unfortunately this means the fresh is removed first.

TankVac® changes the flow of water and creates an automatic vacuum whenever your tank overflows. This vacuum siphons the waste water from the base of the water tank, discharging it in such a powerful flow that the harmful sediment and bacteria are extracted.

TankVac® is easy to install and cost effective, feel free to come down to our Hillcrest store and chat to one of our sales team about this amazing product.

Author: Peter Morath
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