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Bore Pumps in Brisbane | Total Water Services

Posted by Craig Priestley on 1 September 2014

Bore Pumps - Maintenance & Servicing

It's that time of year again where everyone is starting to use their bore pump.

An efficiently operating bore saves money. Poor construction, installation and maintenance of bores increases the cost of pumping groundwater and the chances of pump failure. Our Bore Specialist team recommend the following to protect your Investment:

Maintain the pump according to the manufacturer's specifications. It's not recommended that you have any electrical components in connection with metal bore casing as this can cause corrosion.

Measure the depth to the water level in the bore several times a year. The best time to measure is immediately before you turn the pump on and again before you turn the pump off.

Groundwater levels can go up and down during the course of a year. Checking the start-up water level of the bore before pumping is started. Continually falling start up levels can affect the operation of the pump. The depth of the pump, and perhaps the pump itself, may have to be changed or replaced to keep the bore working properly.

Check the shut off level of the water in the bore immediately before the pump is shut-off. Continually falling shut-off levels can mean the screen or slots that allow water into the casing or perhaps the casing itself is becoming clogged. Our Bore Specialist Team can provide advice on cleaning out your bore and keeping it running efficiently.

Regular testing, maintenance and servicing of your bore will not only protect your investment but ensure the water you are pumping will keep your gardens another large investment looking lush all year round.

Feel free to contact our team at Total Water Services for more information about our bore pumps in Brisbane.

Author:Craig Priestley
About: Over 25 years in the Pump and irrigation Industry mainly as a Consultant Commercial Project Sales. Worked within well known and reputable companies including: Pumps and Pipes (1988 to 1993) Southern Cross, Lowara & Grundfos (1993 to 2007). Founded Total Water Services in 2007 with Peter Morath and Darren Dodson.
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