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Davey Pumps 

Davey are the largest Australian manufacturer of water pumps for household water supply. Every pump is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is fully tested prior to packing to ensure reliable operation from day one. And now, the new Rainbank rainwater harvesting system controller continues the Davey tradition of excellence and innovation. Offering continuous priority supply of rainwater or mains water to non-potable applications around the house, Rainbank enables savings on water bills of up to 40%.


Davey : quality and reliability you can depend on.



Rain Bank is ideal for

  • Rainwater harvesting, Storm water calming, Dual water source, control RainBank® is designed for auto submersible pumps such as the Davey D42A
  • RainBank® will provide water for: up to 4 toilets a washing machine two external taps

RainBank is not suitable for pop up sprinklers


One of our water pumps in BrisbaneWith RainBank® you don't have to worry about where your water is coming from, RainBank does the thinking for you - automatically. RainBank® automatically decides to source rainwater first or mains water as back up. Unlike most other systems, even in the event of a power failure, RainBank® can still provide water for your toilet.

Davey Sump Pumps are tough suckers, with robust designs for long service lives.

Right from the smallest model through to the largest, these high-quality sump pumps are designed to give years of dependable service.

With a choice of models, tasks ranging from the simple removal of clean nuisance water, dispersing grey water, right through to the super-tough job of grinding and pumping of raw sewage are all comfortably within the capabilities of these pumps.


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 Grundfos Pumps



  • Self-priming Stable operation even in case of air pockets in the liquid.


The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in

  • Households
  • Gardens
  • Hobby activities
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture

Feature and Benefits

  • Cable plug connection
  • Unique clamp connection
  • Single-channel and vortex impellers
  • Solids passage up to 65 mm
  • Unique cartridge shaft seal
  • Modular design Minimum downtime

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 Lowara Pumps

Lowara is a recognized world leader in stainless steel pump manufacturing technology ranging through turbine, centrifugal and submersible pumps.

Lowara pumps are manufactured in AISI 304 and 316 fabricated stainless steel using laser technology for a diverse range of markets, including commercial, building service, industrial, agricultural, and domestic.

The range of pumps includes vertical multi stage, in-line, end suction close coupled, peripheral turbine, small horizontal multistage, jet, submersible bore hole, drainage and de-watering pumps.

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  Ebara Pumps

EBARA blends superior engineering expertise with state of the art production techniques to produce pumps of unsurpassed quality and long life. Ebara strives to develop high quality, efficient products and key system components for addressing improvements and solutions in the fields of water supply, energy and environmental issues. Ebara offers a comprehensive line of corrosion resistant formed stainless steel pumps that include end suction centrifugal, multistage, and submersible sump, effluent and sewage pumps.


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 Onga Pumps

The Onga SSHP range offers the strongest construction available, utilising stainless steel and cast iron throughout. They are compact and extremely quiet. Coupled with Presscontrol, these pumps provide strong constant pressure, eliminating temperature and pressure fluctuations. The SSHP is also protected from loss of prime.

The Onga SSHP is for those who want the toughest household pressure pump available.

The Onga Dominator changes the rules for household pressure. Submerged in the tank or well, it is completely silent. It shares its pump components with the highly respected Sta-Rite Signature 2000 submersible borehole pump range. Coupled with Presscontrol, Dominator becomes a complete home pressure system.

The Onga Dominator range is perfect for silent household pressure system applications, garden Irrigation, or water transfer.

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